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National Data Research Inc. has been an Online Public Record provider for over 15 years. We have developed SkipMax.com for the Collection, Private Investigative, Asset Recovery and Risk Assessment industries.

SkipMax.com uses state of the art technology and the most up-to-date data available to provide a no frills approach to Skip Tracing and Public Record Research. All searches are $1.00 making this system the most affordable in the industry. Our People Locate information is designed to provide current and accurate addresses and phone numbers for easy locates. This, along with the other searches we provide, will insure the best odds of locating your Skip as well as their relatives, roommates, associates and assets.

The People Search information available through SkipMax.com is updated daily and has information from 22 information data points, for the most complete and comprehensive address profiles available today.

Our Phone Search data comes from 10 different data points and holds cell phone numbers as well as non-published phone numbers.

We offer Non-GLB reports, as the SkipMax.com system returns SSN's, but in a truncated format. You can use the truncated SSN's we provide to run searches within our system. If you have the need to obtain Full SSN's, you will have to search somewhere else.

The SkipMax.com system also has the ability to create custom profiles on People, and Businesses, at much lower prices than our competitors. We have developed a three step ordering system from a single page order form that not only allows you to choose only the search elements you want, but you can choose the way each element is searched. This provides true custom searching and, you can name and hold up to 10 custom "profile settings" for future use.

SkipMax.com offers ease of use in its functionality and a low $9.95 monthly access fee is required. You simply sign-up for an account, complete the subscription, deposit money into your account using your credit card, and start searching. Cost of searches range from .25 cents to $5.00 for all instant searches.

Thank you for visiting our site.

Terry Sweet
National Data Research Inc.

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SkipMax Is a service for Professional Companies. For General Public access order a Background Check today.